Paul O’Gorman Lifeline (registered charity no. 1108060)

In memoriam Dr. Judith Kingston

Helping children with life-threatening illnesses

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Listed above are the main therapies we organise, but see also the ‘other conditions’ tab.

Lifeline only offers treatment for children with life-threatening illnesses who cannot be treated in their own country.

Treatment in Western hospitals

  The demands for our services grow each year: in 2018 we accommodated 192 people (patients and parents), none of whom spoke the language and all of whom

are desperately worried about their sick child. We sometimes have to bring additional family members (for example when a sibling bone marrow donor has

to be accompanied by a second parent).

  In the UK all work is done by volunteers.  In Italy there is one paid employee, and many wonderful volunteers and local charities.  They help us to support the

families, because a sick child needs not only medical care, but to remember there is a life outside hospital full of affection, play and friendships.  Our

volunteers and staff build close relationships with the families, who may be away from home for 18 months to 2 years.  We find a hospital to accept the child,

arrange air travel, find suitable accommodation, arrange education where appropriate, organise trips and parties and generally try

to provide a home away from home.